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For all yoga teachers qualified 200hr plus wanting to develop their own teaching skill and understanding of the practice.


This training is an opportunity to delve deeper into you as a teacher, into what you really want to offer and why? Why are your truly a yoga teacher and what is your offering. This is important not just on the level of being a great teacher but to ensure a wholesome connect to yourself and a being. It also is true embodiment of what yoga is, it really starts with knowing your purpose your focus and what you want to do and be within this world. 


As the true yogi we must begin with strengthening our awareness being curious and continuing the practice. Th practice as we say often doesn’t need to be some big performance on a mat although this can teach us many things and build physical strength and freedom, our practice as both the yogi and the teacher is to keep seeking. 


Why align and define? Because I want you to feel fully aligned with who you are and how you teach yoga to the world. Not only is it important to share the truth of the sacred practice but it’s important to share it for your soul t another sol so you must do this work. Once is alignment, we can methodically define our offerings, we embody them and from there we share them 











Silent Mornings

 Meditation & Practice 8 - 10:30


Class / Lectures / Study 11:30-2:30


Free time/Project time

Practice / Teaching / Discussion / Lecture  5:30-7:30

Dinner (light and fun homework)




This course will be led by myself Emily-Clare Hill, I have been sharing yoga for just over 12 years. Exploring many styles of practice and ways of teaching, having taught in most locations you could imagine. Now settled in to hosting her own yoga studio in Stoke Newington London, a very special vibe filled with community and love. I believe in my own skill for the practice , yet it's ever growing my mind open to new and never just accepting always venturing deeper to understand the depth and the why, my personal mantra "once your stop learning you stop living" I thrive on seeing the potential in students and helping them embrace this  in themselves. Hoping to observe the things that we don't always see in ourselves and helping to draw your attention to how you can grow your wholeness of  teaching.  Click through to see MY journey and teachers thus far.

I have spent many years supporting the growth of new teachers it’s for sure a passion of mine to help those in the journey I have done and am still navigating further. This is actually what I believe is part of our role as teachers. It’s very important to me that this practice is shared in a way where our students fully connect and really get to be in the beauty and power of this practice. It’s sacred to be able to share something so vast and we have a duty to honour this privilege.


This training is a way to make your teaching real and to connect further to your students, this is about becoming the teacher that is more than just words or alignment but by really seeing each individual and providing a sanctuary for their personal development. 

Those who know me know my main ethics as a teacher are cultivating all elements of the practice into an hour class, to guide with intelligence and reason, there should be a reason for all never just because, this is when we can truly guide our students. . I always teach with passion and deep understanding of what I'm trying to cultivate within the classroom experience. 

Each day we will unite for a long practice of mediation, chanting, pranayama and asana. I make my full teaching focus transparent so not only can you indulge in being the student in practice you see how and what I'm doing to relay a message or focus of practice to the room. Post class we will take pause wiht a mini daily breakfast project to bring home what you are receiving. We come back together for a 3 our session of learning understanding, this part of the day will always have a balance of self developments and knowledge bringing the 2 together to make them fit for each individual so we can expand what we offer but mostly land and understand what and how we as individual are supposed to teach. 


The course is hosted in a perfect little get away inland Portugal, this retreat space is our perfect learning sanctuary not just for our teaching and yoga practice for its eco tendencies, beauty and nature that give us so many lessons on a daily basis. The space allows you to eave everything else behind for the week so you can pour your focus into he moment and give yourself some much needed presence. 


We understand that most people while on retreat like to have their own private space, our home for the retreat has 6 single bedrooms, 2 twin bedrooms and 2 luxury doubles or singles. All the single rooms vary and will be allocated on a first come first served bases.  For those of you who would like to be closer to nature we also have 3 wooden eco caravans, tucked away just up the hill, they are fully eco without electricity but you don't really need it at all, you can charge touches and phones etc in the day in the main house. IN the main house there is a large library ceiling space and a shared kitchen to make your own tea and coffee as you wish. 

Please be aware this retreats comes with a whole host of animals who are free to roam in and outside the space, apart form a few areas, they won't be in our practice space apart from my dog Cohen and they won't go in the kitchens and of course you can stop them coming in your room ha ha but just to note there are dogs, cats, 1 donkey, 2 goats and some chickens!


The cost of your training here will include;

50 hrs of training with Emily-Clare (recognised as CPD hours, some of this will be practice time, lectures, interactive lessons, journal work, projects.)


Transfers to and from Oleiros (coach station)

3 delicious vegetarian meals a day

Sweets range from raw chocolate to healthy homemade raw cakes

A picnic on river walk day

As much herbal tea as you can drink is always available from the communal kitchen (if you like regular a coffee then this will be available at 60 cents per cup. The proceeds are donated to a local animal fund for abandoned animals.)

We provide Wi-Fi Internet


Manduka yoga mats, full props, straps, bolsters blocks, eye pillows.


This course requires you to come open and willing

Willing to step up and put yourself out there 

Willing to feel and be felt

There is no pre reading or specific prep work required 

Open your heart and mind and you will receive all you need

You will be provided with the course notebook  in your first session 

Bring a pens, something to add to our ceremony puja (anything you like), mats and props etc are all 

provided but always welcome to bring your own fancy mat.



 (all prices include course fee's, accommodation & 3 delicious meals a day. Flights and to coach to Oleiros are not included, see below it's an easy coach and we will meet you at the Oleiros to transfer to retreat.) 

3 Single Eco Caravans £1150 (completely eco, tucked away on the hillside the most amazing views) 

2 Twin Bedrooms £1200pp (must be shared otherwise you will need to take the single room)

6 Single Bedrooms £1250pp (all single rooms are different and will be allocated on a first come first served basis) 

2 Luxury Double Bedrooms £1400pp or £2300 sharing (own private bathroom)



Fly into PORTO or LISBON both truly wonderful cities with many great attractions. You can get flights from London for less than £100 if you book early.

ARRIVAL - The first yoga class will begin on the Sunday, Saturday is your arrival day at the retreat. Whether you are flying into Porto or Lisbon you can choose to arrive on Friday and there are some great offers on hotels or hostels with prices from 18 Euros per night or arrive on the Saturday and wait for the coach from your chosen city.

PORTO (Rede-Expressos, Terminal Rodoviario, coach to Oleiros) 

The coach is at 16.30, which arrives with us at 21.30 (Saturday)


LISBON (Sete Rios coach station coach to Oleiros) 

The coach is at 18:00, which arrives with us at 21.30 (Saturday)


When the coach arrives in Oleiros you will be met by our retreat hosts Sue and Peter for a short drive to the retreat centre, where there will be a late supper prepared before a good nights sleep, the training commences on Sunday morning at 08.00. In your room you will find what you need to be prepared for Sunday.

Please let us know if you are finding an alternative route so we can be prepared for your arrival.


DEPARTING - The last of the retreat will be the Friday evening, closing with our evening ceremony before a fabulous dinner. 


The coach leaves Oleiros on the Saturday morning at 8am; we will drive everyone back to the coach station in the morning.

PORTO (We will drop you at the station in Oleiros Saturday morning)

The coach is at 8:00, which arrives with in Porto (Rede-Expressos, Terminal Rodoviario) at 12.30

LISBON (We will drop you at the station in Oleiros Saturday morning) 

The coach is at 8:00, which arrives in Lisbon (Sete Rios) at 12.00 

All bus tickets can be purchased online or at the station, please ask at the station for the bus number and leaving bay number.





Once your deposit is paid this secures your place and is non refundable (KIND OF), in the case that either you and I manage to refill your space on the retreat I am happy to return this deposit  to you. 


2 months before travel 50% fee must be paid to keep your space and once paid this is non refundable unless again the space is refilled. 100% of the fee must be paid 1 month before travel to keep your place and once paid is also non refundable unless the space can be refilled.


I hope this is clear and fair. 


If in current circumstance due to government guidelines we are not able to travel and the retreat is cancelled and we will all receive a full refund, with the option to rebook for the new dates. I hope to be able to make this call with plenty of time before travel. If this is a last minute change than it will be up to the retreat centre to le us know how much return they can give on our bookings,, usually this is the whole amount however they may hold onto a small fee as a deposit for new dates, they are very fair and will do what they can to accommodate. 




There  is a huge connection between the way we eat  & how we experience  our yoga practice & our lives in general.  Many if not all of our  physical & mental health problems  are caused or exasperated by the  way we eat. With this in mind we prepare food that is calming to the  mind & balancing to the body, free of common allergens such as those  found in dairy products.


We have  to start looking at the environmental impact of the ways in which we  source food & the actual food choices we make. At yoga revolution we  are careful where we order  food stuffs making sure it is fair trade  & organic  if that option is available & avoiding foods that put  a big drain on precious water resources & those that are GMO.



During the training we like to encourage a helping hand and get involved in our environment a little learning and little working we will give back to our humble hosts by spending a couple of hours supporting with some Karma yoga.


We don't want to give it all away but ceremony is an important part of the yogis journey connecting with an ability to tune in to all. We will share a few together throughout this week.