""Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit.""

- One of my faves

"Yoga is for everybody"

- I really believe this...

My passion is yoga, when you find something that fully aligns you there's nothing else you want to do. Yoga has taught me how to be myself, it brought me a wholeness that I want to share.


First training in Vinyasa yoga with now friends and teachers Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarro. Since, studying in many practices and developmental aspects of yoga such as Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, Forest Yoga, Mind Body connection and Myo-fascia.


Balance and experience two of my favourite words to live by, adoring travel, connecting with new communities and cultures. I find I learn most about this world and life, through the experiences I have, I always like to teach from a place of experience and personal understanding hoping to bring an honest connection and communication of the practice.

First stepping into movement through the world of dancing, dance became what I perceived to be my first form of meditation an escape into oneself a journey of being free of all barriers and insecurities, a chance to express, heal and connect with everything through the body. I stepped into the practice of yoga in my late teens and there the journey of Yoga began to unfold. 


Trying many styles of practice, and still to this day not locked to one specific style. I feel variety is both the best thing for body and mind. Learning one thing limits all expansion, finding new understandings and ways to feel and move is the way in which we can continue to grow and guide others.


Vinyasa is the base of my classes, meaning I teach a fluid movement practice, I've spent much time in study of the body physiologically and teach from a strong alignment understanding tailored with knowledge for each individual differences. I will always guide the room with an art of weaving philosophy into the flow, the class should always incorporate the mind as well as body to cultivate a full rounded practice. 

The mains things we must possess as a good teacher are devotion, humility, compassion and service. There are many different branches of yoga, all relevant and valuable and at the end of the day, all-reaching for the same source. Simply the practice on the mat is the practice for the real life off the mat.



- Emily's beautiful studio in North London bringing nothing

but the true essence of yoga to the space and offering

A recognised Senior Yoga Teacher, in both the UK and US. Currently facilitating CEP & YACEP workshops, trainings and regular foundation and advanced yoga teacher training programs.

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