TBC 12:30 - 5:30PM



A day of blissing out within the realms of the self. What do I mean? This 5 hour long workshop is a therapeutic journey of self-love, self-healing, self-comfort, self joy. Essentially when we are balanced to the point of harmony within the self physically, mentally and energetically we feel pretty damn good. Therefore we want to restore this and rebuild the tools within our own self that support the journey of inner balance. 


What to expect;

A dynamic yoga practice to inspire and energise to get the flow of prana radiating through our entire being, creating a liberated state and a natural high.


Meditation to find space and study the self.


A restoring restful asana practice maintaining the natural state of the being.


Journaling, asking ourselves some deeper questions and allowing the answers to flow.


We will spend some time replenishing creative juices, drawing making and simply creating.


Myofascia release techniques to physically replenish our connective tissue and rehydrating the inner landscape for happy mobility of the body.

Ceremony partaking in some cacao that will guide us into a deep Yoga Nidra filled with singing bowls and drums! 

The day will be filled with tea and snacks to hydrate and indulge.

TBC 12:30 - 5:30PM



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