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The Full Practice  October 7th - Saturday - 2-4pm @Mudra Yoga London

"MY FULL PRACTICE" workshop is a whole practice stretched over 2 hours, it's an opportunity to go that little further into the mind and body of yoga. Each month there will be a a new focus, I plan the class to give a us time to fully settle in, to let go of life more and immerse deeply in the sanctuary of our mat, the intentions of the class will be rooted in the philosophy of yoga and how this could support our well being day to day. The physical practice will help to shed light of this philosophy with plenty of time to prepare the body for some deep asana as well as plenty of time to rest and release, most practices will involve meditation either at the beginning or end as well as some soothing Crystal & Himalayan singing bowl sounds.



Yoga at the London JAZZ Festival

Jazz & Yoga...I'joining back up with some old friends at "the yoga brunch club" who have always hosted the most beautiful events soaked in community. I will be guiding an indulgent asana practice at the London jazz festival accompanied the magic sounds of live cello! The class will be on the southbank Sunday November 19th at 10:30am


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