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What can we learn from our pooches?

Meet Cohen one of my loves!

Honestly getting a dog almost 8 month ago was a big goal of mine, to reach a point in my life where I could give enough time to look after a dog (#adoptdontshop) and give it a happy life. Wow I didn't realise the journey it would take me on, its been an incredible learning.

Lesson one - I have taken a step back and actually realised so many of my priorities were out of whack all due to this little guy opening my heart and my awareness to get off my phone or my computer and to live my life a little more. He needs me to be outside 2 hours a day walking and getting fresh and leaving m phone in my pocket, he's not the most effortless dog in that no he genuinely dent like you being on your phone, when you're on a walk with him you're on a walk with him and yes too right. ll these things I teach on a daily basis are being forced into in my own everyday existence and all thanks to a dog.

Lesson two - Talking to a dog owner you now have this obligation to talk to other dog owners and its amazing we all have at least one thing in common and through the art of speaking to stranger we may find we have there things in common, wow who'd have thought humans meeting humans in the street and having real life interactive conversations without alcohol. It's pretty retro!

Lesson three - To sit on the couch more, Cohen loves a snuggle which means you need to be relaxed on the couch for more than 20 mins in the evening, you're allowed to be creative and read write or draw but you must be at ease.

Lesson four - To be less anxious about the suff that really doesn't matter. Dogs are very sensitive to energy and when you have a dog with anxiety they are even more sensitive. Cohen is a rescue street pup and with that he has a little trouble trusting all situations. This means we've had to be very patient with him even when he's in the wrong and even more so we've had to learn to control our own energy so that we are genuinly feeling less stress or anxiety about getting stuff done if we are anxious he thinks theres something to be nervous of. Luckily we're pretty chilled anyway but its great to bring extra awareness to yourself.

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