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It's nice to know w a little more about your teacher and their life journey right?

I came to the mat after being in London for just a couple of years I was a lost 19 years old students of the arts. I had confidence in all the wrong areas of my existence and quote simply I needed something to guide me. Thats definitely what drew me into yoga more than its beautiful offering of creating a flexible happy body, it was the lessons and the guide of its philosophies that intrigued me.

I grew up in a beautiful small village in the north of England and had a great child hood. However great didn't mean that I learned that much about our existence of this life a, this world and what my role was supposed to be.

I always wanted more, to understand to believe in some magical exitence that hadn't quite been revealed yet.

This is yoga for me a magical existence that not all have yet discovered.


I first stepped not the mat in the heart of Shoreditch at my local gym (which no longer exists) I had a membership purely to use the sauna and one day passed a class that had me intrigued. So I joined in..the teacher was a calm confident lady full of wise elaborate words some of which washed over my head but a lot of which got me thinking. I wanted to understand more of this path she described.

I continued to practice and tried a few spaces and studios there weren't so many pure yoga spaces aviailable in London at the time, but I found some great classes and inspiring teachers that encouraged me to explore for a while more before starting to research a teacher training. This was tough and risky as unless your planning to do your training with an accessible teacher to you that you can see if you connect with then you are taking a huge risk, but luckily I landed fully on my feet and still have so much love and connection with my teacher Vidya Jaqueline Heisel and Jennifer Yaro.

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