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What's your interpretation of success? Success is so often measured in achievement in getting a bigger salary, a promotion, a bigger house, a new car etc etc etc...let really think about it?

Satya - Truthfulness To be true in all states of your being to be honest, but mostly to be honest and try to yourself. For me success is living my own truth, making my own decisions to do what I want to do, the more I do this the more successful I am being to myself. My success may be very different or even the complete opposite to someone else's. To live my own truth is to be in the now it will change but my current version of success is to have free time. To have the luxury of taking an afternoon off to walk in the park, to meet up with friends, to not be continually working, to be home, to rest, to replenish. I used to believe my truth was that I had to show the world how "successful" I can be as a yoga teacher, by teaching at many studios and studios that are perceived to hold certain stature, to have full classes or to be away teaching to new people every week in a new land. These are all great things but they are what I was personally misinterpreting as things I needed to do to be successful at life. When I put my mind to something I'm good at it, this is true of most of us so therefore what we believe we can succeed in we will. My goals right now still include growing my business and expanded my journey as a teacher but more in teaching smarter not harder and finding more time to live and be merry!

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