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There are so many of us sharing yoga now and more and more joining the party, I think it's great!

As an industry yoga teachers will know its not easy and I want to call out the "show" of teachers. I am seeing more and more teachers step away from what it means to teach, to hold space, to gift people knowledge, to care, to aid the journey and seeing more and more teachers step into what I call the "show" teacher. This is meant to have no disrespect what I mean by this is not the fault of the teacher is the fault of human kind encouraging yoga teachers and other industry professional to step into role and to show you what they can do, how they can be, to show they are good teacher.

This showing of being a good teacher is not something that is real as soon as you begin to "show" you are good teacher you step out of the role of actually teaching.

We need to take a step and start to feel more, we shouldn't want to become our teachers we should want to become ourselves through the guide of our teachers. We are falling into a pot of dreamed realities that aren't actually our own dreams and then for unachievable with this attitude we will not find our dharma (purpose). Part of purpose is to flourish and become ourselves not to become a perception of perfection. I'm heading a little of piste but i think it helps to emphasise the point.

Lets collectively stop showing how good we are at teaching and put more time energy and love into being and doing what we do.

No more pointless demoing, no more look at more and more and more look at you see you. Arrive on the mat show up and see yourself clearing and widely in all forms.

*Always written with love in mind

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