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Keeping up the fresh life of the NEW YEAR!

The suggestion isn’t to make changes for 2019 in yourself but to see a way to make your year as happy as it could possibly be. Yes it gets boring all the new year new you stuff and I’m not one to get involved but it is a collective time of reset so why not ride your own wave and plan ways to stay happy and energized in 2019, right how you probably feel pretty good and ready how to keep that energy’s my tips.

Living in the now is key I’m all for this and it helps me no end. Teaching yoga you have to be in the now, there’s no space for you to be considering that message or planning your dinner, when you teach you see your students, you feel your students and you respond to supporting how you can, changing your cues your sequence your tone to aid the room.

⁃ Weekly Time-out. This is why for teachers and for everyone it’s so important to take regular breaks that remove the responsibility of others, and give you time to focus on yourself. My offering do this once a week at least even if just for an hour or two consciously take time to just do you, go for a walk, sit and have coffee alone, sit and just be, the energy for yourself that you’ll find from just a short moment here will lift your whole week.

⁃ Plan your breaks...decide when is best for YOU to get away. I’ve always been one that been guilty of getting away when it crops up or suits others and this hasn’t always served me, plan your getaways in the times that most serve, spread them through you so that you can replenish accordingly, also this is a great way to plan to get to the places you really want to get to.

⁃ Do new things, try something new you don’t have to stick with it or like it, but putting yourself out there into something new does two great things to our mindset. It opens it right up to possibilities to fresh understandings, if we can be more open you’ll be surprised what we can achieve and how much happier each day becomes. Also trying something new gives you the gift of better conversation having an opinion or something is way better than not.

⁃ Make time to be with friends, I can be so guilty when I’m tired of dropping that catch up from schedule for sure sometimes this is wise but honestly friends tend to revive you and usually you won’t regret seeing them.

⁃ Feel love, sounds deep I know, I just mean feel love in your life, for your people from your people, for the things you do for the moments. Live awakens and revives all.

Always written on the go as thoughts pass through this busy little mind, x

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