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Click throughout to head to Planet Kambo, use code EmilyKambo for £10 off your first ceremony!

The full low down and simply my personal experience of brief for those who don’t know, it’s a cleansing ritual using the sebum of an Amazonian frog, we burn little holes on the skin (its quick and painless) and place the frog sebum onto these burns, it very quickly enters our blood stream from here. After this moment my body became hot and a little tingly, I felt like my ears throat and face had swollen but I was calm and relaxed fully aware this was all a part of the process. Before we had opened the ceremony calling for al the spirits to support on this journey of healing and growth I had talked in length about the whole experience and felt very clear on what I was stepping into.

On the morning of the ceremony I had fastest and just before we apply the sebum I drank 1.5 litres of water, the water in my belly was pretty heavy but I understand that actually the weight of the water is helpful to speed up the purging process and release the bile in a clean way. For me after just a few minutes I was nauseous and began to purge. In short the idea is that through the fasting and drinking the water the kambo releases the bile in my belly which is drawn out through purging, this bile can be the holder of poor negative energy holding this within our body can be weighty mentally and physically calling the release of this can draw up emotionally release as much as physical.

I’m told sometimes it can take a while to bring the bile out but not for me it was pretty rapid, meaning my process was around 20 minutes long. There is a little discomfort during this but it’s completely bearable and eases quickly once you are complete in your purge.

The ritual is said to leave us calm, clear of negativity, strong and connected. I’ve done the practice 3 times...each a different experience the third the most intense yet also the most profound. I’m not sure whether this was where as I was at in my current state or whether it was the deeper shift as I settled into the process more.

I can honestly say I feel so much clearer, a "zen" like quality for want of a better word through and through, a clearer connection between mind and body, for me this feels like I'm more in tune to my own needs, honouring the feelings within my body and knowing when I need more work rets or play to feel balanced, less just doing for doings sake. My exercise game seems heightened and the want for it feels stronger, my mind appears to have more space and sensitivity to all. I can honestly say for me the experience has been hugely positive.

I had all three of my ceremonies with John at Planet Kambo, I felt fully confident with him; he was always supportive and encouraging and made me feel calm during the whole process.

Click throughout to head to Planet Kambo, use code "EmilyKambo" for £10 off your first ceremony!

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