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Should I do my Yoga Teacher Training?

A question I think so many of us ask ourselves before we do it, am I good enough? Will I keep up? Should I be able to do a handstand? What age will everyone be? And all of the other self doubt that shows up when we step outside our comfort zone.

Truth is each and every course is very different sometimes there's a huge mix in the age group sometimes it's younger group, sometimes its older, some students can hold a handstand but most cannot. So let me clear a few things up. We ask for 2 years experience on the mat before you step into the training. This is hugely to understand do you really want to do this, are you ready, are you ready to self-study, self enquire, work hard along side your life and work deep into what yoga really means. Your physical practice is not totally something we consider we want to know that you can take direction and are interested in taking direction and guidance essentially are you open to this learning physically and mentally even when it becomes challenging.

Taking your yoga teacher training on one of my courses, I will guide and teach you to become a yoga teacher but this is not something that is required at the end of the course you can use your new skills entirely as you wish. Many people join the course just to learn more, many to become full time yoga teachers, many to be able to share with friends. The students that sign up all have very varied reasons for doing so and I believe all of those reasons to be entirely valid. I mean this honestly.

Please though do be ready to step in, it will challenge you in many ways, that I'm almost sure of. I've yet to meet someone it hasn't but this challenge is overcome hugely by the gain that this knowledge gifts you.

In short YES you probably should do your yoga teacher training I think the world would be much lighter and brighter if more and more people understood the tools this practice has to offer.

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