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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

This is a practice I ask both my students who arrive on the mat for the first few times and the advanced teachers and friends I work with, what is yoga to you? Whatever it is that we choose to do I believe we should question what it is and why we are doing it regularly. Not to judge ourselves or stress our moral compass but to align with where we want to go and to enable us to connect the dots between what we are trying to do and whether we are actually doing that.

Okay so now on October 31st 2019 Yoga for me is health of mind and body simultaneously the way the connect with one another, the health and strengthening and release the physically structure to promote freedom for energetic flow, to awaken spaces of the body that have been forgotten, to remove stagnant agent energy. Through physical release to find peace in mind, to listen further into he intelligence of this body and allow the primal being to rise the one with the knowledge oft he heart and the soul. Yoga is a sanctuary to calm the mind from hectic ness of the storm of life, to bring spaciousness to the thought flow and perhaps connect with some clarity. Yoga is to question our choices and to phycological develop happiness within our personal internal dialogue.

Yoga is the tool the practice that can if you allow it if you study and if you committed can help to give your the above things. This is not a quick fix it is a regular practice, I need to connect with it more and more to realign myself in the way I want to support others aligning with themselves.

Yoga is breath, yoga is movement, yoga is balance, and yoga is health.

A few quick words that may help you understand the vastness of this practice.

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