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Some home tips during lockdown….

Now it’s time to get creative and I don’t mean necessarily learn a new skill like illustrations, or a language or something even though that’s great go right ahead too. I mean what can we do to keep all sides of our being awake. I talk about this often because I feel it’s something, I’ve experienced many times and is so important to create harmony and balance and contentment in this life. Let’s talk about what I mean by all sides of our being and how to stimulate them.

As human beings we need the right balance of comfort and calm and nurture, the feeling of feeling safe and secure and supported by our self by another by our home and surroundings. Essentially, we need that parental element of having sense of home warmth. This is our comfort space, a feeling of security and stability. Now if we exist in this space and this space only we become really disheartened maybe even sad, and then what tends to occur is we lash out by acting out in some way, by going wild doing something perhaps unhelpful or unserving it’s almost like our primal being calling out for some adventure, some discovery something that allows us to feel wild and alert and curios and inspired. It’s as if our primal beings know we need a shake up, so we act out like a child. Now that other state of being I’m referring too, if the one who doesn’t feel tied down or too responsible, the free spirit that is awake to the moment, curious wild and free and equally if we only exist in this state of being, we don’t feel good. We tend to end up eventually feeling lost and purposeless and feeling of needing someone or something a longing to feel safe looms over us.

Now I speak a little of these two states because currently we are a little sheltered and trapped inside with less stimulus and definitely less new stimulus. We are literally at home and with our home comforts around us, now what I’m suggesting is this might make us feel slightly lost in that we aren’t feeding our wild soul-searching side enough. I cannot make miracle occur but a couple of suggestions that we’ve really enjoyed. I offer you below!

My fave - Take a journey through the world of your taste buds.

Plan a new country every few days and lets yourself be whisked away by the magic culture of food and wine.

Choose a country or even narrow it right down to the city. Do a little digging and choose a couple of dishes you could learn to cook for the night, enjoy taking your time with the ingredients and exploring the recipe allowing it to be new indulge in the learning of the recipe.

Research some wine, beer or something else that aligns with the city and dish of choice. Treat the whole experience with care, read up on the wine and discover how it should be served, chilled or room temp, open and breathe or open and drink all these little things that really make it that little bit more unique.

Finally choose either some music or a show that takes you away to this magical place of choice. For example, maybe some Spanish guitar, or a Spanish series or movie or something we love to do is follow Mr Rick Stein around the world and let him talk to us about all the delicious smells and unique culture of the city.


This is my main tips a few other little things that have helped us.

Walk every single day without fail. (borrow a dog if you can they will entertain now end and keep your sense alert)

Journal – ask yourself questions about the things that are unsettling you and write about them, you have time go for it, unravel yourself and feel excited about your future self.

Lay conscious and awake and absorb the moment for just 10 minutes a day.

Read something fiction, non-skill building just something that brings beautiful escapism. This is important. Watching a movie is great but not the same you have to create the images for yourself.

Play music often.

Build a daily structure that serves and roughly stick with it.

Allow for full days off.

Make your house pretty whilst you are there more often make it practically fulling, so it supports you more in the future. Observe how you live and fix the things that make this more comfortable let your mind have fun designing and creating new ways to store your life.

Check your clothes out…look for the things your down wear understands why and plan the changes to make them things you want to wear either in a makeshift way or plan them so you can take them to the seamstress when the doors are back open.

I’ll probably add a few things here and there as we are locked down for more time x

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