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Our amazing being....

This week I've been encouraging of myself and students to tune into what we are as a human being. So often we glide through our existence with barely a second though to recopies how this incredible body is wiring continuously to support us. Tonnes of micro movements working an flowing and regulating your very existence to be in each moment and we just expect it to. My ask of you is that you pause to feel it, tune into it and recognize how its serving you and maybe juts maybe you'll take some time t give baa and to serve it. To move it in a way that supports it, to rest it to feed and water it. To experineecthe joy in taking care of this incredible opportunity we have to exist.

Try this....

Sit or Lay

Close your eyes, listen....

Listen to the beat of your being, the sound of your breath, the beat of heart (a little harder to find)

Imagine you can journey inwards and begin to see the inner working of your body, the beat and flow of blood, breath energy....

Observe in awe all that is happening within you

See if you can lean in and become a part of it, no longer a separate being and and body, but mind meeting the body and feeling and seeing what it is and what it is doing.

Stay here uniting yourself


Begin to notice has anything changed do you feel different, perhaps appreciative, more awake, more alive, more vulnerable, do you feel more?

This is connection, connection to being alive being more forefront in the experience of each moment more able to feel and allow ourselves to communicate within the nature of being as we maybe are supposed to. A little released from the layers of our lives that obstruct or block of connection. Opening feeling of truth, peace and calm within.

Keep noticing as you sit and feel until you are ready to step back in.

(Short personal visual meditation of reset)

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