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Biddaloy Moder Biddaloy Song 12 pricvane




I would like to say that It is written about a real story and has plenty of truth. Singer is a real man, born of a poor family, but he himself gave a lot to people, and he did not become millionaire with all its symptoms, but still in the 1990s. I think that it is enough to read the lyrics. The lyrics of the song are simple and eloquent, if compared with the songs of the 80s-90s, though the singing of the mid-90s. The music is good, sometimes a little monotonous, but it is very reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. The song is dedicated to the real life, since the story is just such. The song describes life in a simple but honest way. I would like to point out the main ingredients of a Bikkhov, for the singer, fans and members of the movie. All the same, the fan of the singer does not require a special mention. The main characteristic of the man was that he was kind. He knew that other people could not help himself and therefore, he could, when he needed, help them, He was a real moral center. It is a man, whom it is not easy to be with, and it is evident from the lyrics. It is a real man. I think that the song is a test of the singer: he knows that he can not help the others, but he also knows that he can not live without them, the others, they form the basic reference of a man's existence. The song is beautiful, because the singer gives his soul to other people. This soul was given to him by others, from his childhood, and he never abandoned it. The man is a good person, and you should look to this kind of people. In the opinion of a single person, the person who wrote the song, the singer and the listeners, this is the man who is still alive. The man, though very poor, has a stable nature and he is very resourceful, thanks to which he could help a lot of people, and he never abandoned them. I would like to thank the songwriter, the singer and all the fans of this song and the singer, because they all testify that the man with the heart is still alive. I think that the song was written by the true



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Biddaloy Moder Biddaloy Song 12 pricvane

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