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It's nice to know w a little more about your teacher and their life journey right?

I came to the mat after being in London for just a couple of years I was a lost 19 years old students of the arts. I had confidence in all the wrong areas of my existence and quote simply I needed something to guide me. Thats definitely what drew me into yoga more than its beautiful offering of creating a flexible happy body, it was the lessons and the guide of its philosophies that intrigued me.

I grew up in a beautiful small village in the north of England and had a great child hood. However great didn't mean that I learned that much about our existence of this life a, this world and what my role was supposed to be.

I always wanted more, to understand to believe in some magical exitence that hadn't quite been revealed yet.

This is yoga for me a magical existence that not all have yet discovered.


I first stepped not the mat in the heart of Shoreditch at my local gym