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Find our balance of health!

A shortlist to feeling both healthy and achievably balanced.

This post was sponsored by Zendium; all opinions are my own.

A huge thing for me being fully in the well- being community is still feeling the side of the soul that is where aliveness resides, this can be fueled or awakened by things that require taking risks or doing something we know we shouldn’t. It doesn’t need to be overtly wild but can also live in things such as enjoying food and life and not always being as rigid with the self that we live hopelessly inside a strict routine. If we force the body and mind into small boxes at some point we need to break free and go WILD, so why not enjoy a little bit of wild regularly by finding continuous balance, plus it makes every day a little more fun!

Okay so taking the extra step to feel good. In all honesty I’m pretty balanced I’m not a purest at all I like all the things too much and enjoy fueling my soul so I’m not gonna pretend I’m all organic in every way...but I do what I can to stay on track here are my

Few tips;

Get enough sleep...I adore sleep, I like to indulge for me it’s an 8hour minimum we’re all different but start tuning in to what you need.

Lavender pillow mist is my fave way to drift away (sorry...)

No sugar first thing in the morning. I do like a little sugar I try to be aware I never have it in products just in it’s purest form such as cake or chocolate! But will only