This is the foundation in any yoga teachers journey, 200 hour is the start understanding this practice further. As you know the practice yoga is a very old practice passed down through indian lineage and eventually venturing to the west. This practice is a journey, one of dedication and continued learning.  Our training evolves daily I say this very honestly, still very much a part of the yoga industry myself I am continuously analysing and assessing ways in which I can bring home this practice so that the students connect and learns more and more. (also as I learn more and more myself)  My passion is this practice, be that teaching a beginner students in regular classes or developing with a students beginning their teaching journey I am home when i guide this practice. On our course we also have the support of a some other inducible teachers and lectures to offer support and their expertise in this practice. Please note 2 years experience is required before going on this journey.



This training is for those who already hold their 200hrs of yoga certification. I would say its most ideal for those with experience as a teacher. Within this 6 day long course the aim is to provide support to aid teachers stepping into heir true power. It is my belief that when more fully in this state of teaching not only are your more true in what you get to communicate and connect with you students but also in self you really come into the element of feeling at home with who and how you teach. It creates a positive circle of expansion and brings more and more light to this world. 

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