Tuesday Club is expanding and your invited! (Tuesday Club is just the name of little group as we used to catch up every Tuesday)


Yoga Retreat Day - Stoke Newington - Relight your fire - Come and join us for a full day together Tuesday Club hosts are myself and my 3 best friends, we are collaborating to bring an ultimate day of recharge, reset and fun! Myself, Annie May Rice, Suzie Smith & Kate Lister!

“Re-light your fire” this day is open to all, the full time yogi and the newbie alike. We will open with a ceremony to support the idea of stepping into the space and a day for the self yes this is selfish day all for you, releasing the outside world for a few hours and opening up the inside world! A mindful yet firey yoga practice, some creative time to paint and open up the inner magic of playful creativity, a pause to journal and ground deeper into our personal focus our purpose and tuning into our inner guide...followed up with a supportive restoring practice, own voice both internally and externally. Thoughout the day we will indulge in some delicious food and teas to support total comfort and inner joy. The awesome foursome, 4 great friends who united through the community of yoga us 4 pals all teach yoga with our personal expertise, coming together we share focuses, in art, creativity, anatomy, healing, cooking skills, writing skills and sound perfection! I mean this is not the one to miss.

Our connection to each other and passion for sharing what we share is contagious, always filled with support and love for what we do,  this day will be something beyond words.



A fun half an hour FREE class 10:30-11:30 on the opening day of Balance festival a chance t come and get involved before it gets too busy. See you there!



SEPTEMBER 12th - 19th 2020

This delicious retreat space has literally stolen my heart there are just some places within this world that awaken all my sense but still keep me grounded enough to notice. Set in the countryside of Portugal, a small town called Oleiros. Think self love, relaxation, mind body reset, meditation, yummy food, animal kingdom, late night fires, salt water pool, hammocks in the trees....

AND....this Retreat i unite with Paul Wong to bring even more harmony to our shakti and shiva balance.

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