This is the foundation in any yoga teachers journey, 200 hour is the minimum amount of hours before you can start to understand and teach this practice. Our training evolves daily I say this very honestly, still very much a part of the yoga industry myself I am continuously analysing and assessing ways in which I can bring home this practice so that the students connect and learns more and more. My passion is this practice be that teaching a beginner students in regular classes or developing with a students beginning their teaching journey I am home when i guide this practice. Please note 2 years experience is required before going on this journey., alas open to chat about that.



This training is for those who already hold their 200hrs of yoga certification. I would say its most ideal for those with experience as a teacher. Within this 6 day long course the aim is to provide support to aid teachers stepping into their true power. It is my belief that when more fully in this state of teaching not only are your more true in what you get to communicate and connect with your students but also in self you really come into the element of feeling at home with who you are and how you teach. It creates a positive cycle of expansion and brings more and more light to this world. 



For all seekers, for students wanting to know more. This is the perfect course for those who love the practice and just want to understand a little more. In our classes we receive so much, but there is only so much they can cover. 

This course will delve into the philosophies of the practice, the history and how it came to be the way we now practice, a deeper breakdown of meditation, what it is and tools we can use. A look into the as an (the poses) to feel more aligned with each poses purpose, and finally understanding pranayama (breath-work) the physiology of it, the energetics and depths of how we use the practice. 


Please note this course is in person at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington.