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What is yoga

For many of us this practice begins on the yoga mat. In the beginning, it being anymore than this can sound quite intimidating or even wishy washy. The practice is a path of feeling into the self to reconnect with our breath, our body and start to regain composure and steadiness of the mind. The path is not linear and each teacher will guide in varying ways, using the asana practice (physical postures) to draw attention to the self more acutely, to see and know the self well is our super power. Allowing us to find our freedom, our contentment and ease of being in this life.   

Why we need it as regular practice

We are ever changing beings, not realising this can be a big problem or block in self ease and contentment. When we practice regularly we not only able to strengthen our awareness we strengthen our knowledge of change and begin to allow ourselves to be more what we are. To work and grow from where we find ourselves. It is a practice, remember this, we are always working to strengthen ways to support ourself on this path of life. 

My Classes

My classes aim is to teach more than just movement. A guide to understanding yourself, seeing yourself more clearly. Feeling comfortable and connected to your body, creating a harmonious being. All systems aware, awake and attune to one another.  The class will be open and light in offering, expect to feel good but also be pushed a little. I use, mantra (minder keeper) affirmation, meditation techniques, to focus, Sankalpa (intention) as some of our tools to establish deep unity within. ​

Having taught for over 15 years I am now senior Yoga Teacher, with many trainings and studies inside and outside of the purest version of yoga ranging from anatomy & physiology to yoga nidra and yin yoga.


Private Classes

I do offer private classes but am currently fully booked, please email to join a waitlist. 

Private classes will be charged depending on time/location £85 - £125


All classes at Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington

Come & join me in my online studio, below are my free classes for you to practice as you wish in the comfort of your home when you cannot make it to the studio this content will only sit here for a short period of time before being moved to the paid packages.  


 Click through to create your own personalised online yoga library. by choosing the class packs you think will serve you best.   

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The workshop is designed to break down some of the arm balances that are often offered in class that you may feel are too advanced, scary or do not have enough time to explore fully!

The focus will be on strength building, flexibility and awareness so that you can practice at home or within another class environment, build confidence and release any anxiety about going upside down & balancing on your hands.

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