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About my teachings

For many of us this practice begins on the yoga mat, if you are new to this practice of yoga. It being anymore than this can  sound quite hefty and intimidating, we start slowly, we begin to just open the door back to the self to reconnect with our breath, our body and starting to regain a little composure and perhaps control over the mind. 

I always try to teach from a space of respect for the lineage of this practice, we have some profound masters that have shared their practice and enabled us to take this path. My offering is to teach the student more than just movement, to guide them to their own understanding of themselves, beyond aligning the body. We use, mantra (minder keeper) affirmation, meditation techniques, focus, Sankalpa (intention) as some of our tools to establish deep unity within. 

As I often say to my students the mere thought of unity within brings such of a smile and excitement to me, imagine if we were all existing in the unity of the self. How much this would open our hearts to those around us and the way we all exist.

Having taught for over 15 years I am now senior Yoga Teacher, with many trainings and studies inside and outside of the purest version of yoga ranging from anatomy & physiology to yoga nidra and yin yoga. 


Resting ...


Resting ...

My new at home online library for when you can't make it to the studio

Mudra Yoga London, Stoke Newington

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